Improve your yard when you buy a durable fence on a budget from us!

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Since 1907, Blue Anchor Fence has been committed to quality products at competitive prices. With our 100-plus year reputation behind all of our work, what started as a family business with Daniels Fence has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of cedar fencing in Southern New Jersey. With a good rapport between us and our vendors, we are able to get quality grade Northern white cedar boards to construct nearly anything one can imagine – board on board or decorative point fence sections, gates, arbors, and more. Western red cedar is available for special order, a popular option for lattice top sections. Our pressure treated posts can also be hand-cut into several different points and drilled to specific measurements if necessary.


Our distinctive method of doweled fence construction means that when fence sections are installed, they fit together more securely, giving the entire fence more strength and structure, and better durability. It also provides a more attractive finished appearance, as the post is viewable from both sides of the fence, unlike the more common method of nailing directly onto a post.


This unique customization we offer enables you, the customer, to get exactly what you want, to your specifications. Our skilled craftsmen understand that quality and beauty go hand in hand, and the attention to detail is evident in our finished